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Development of a Crane Control Panel for an International Customer

Development of a Crane Control Panel for an International Customer

STA-CON is the industry-leading control system manufacturer and is proud to have maintained that reputation for 50 years. Our commitment to quality and competitive pricing has attracted customers from various industries, including our partnership with clients in the machine control industry. We were recently contracted for an international emergency crane control panel development project.
Being a flexible, customer-oriented company, we manufactured the 15-ton overhead crane control panel. When another company couldn’t meet the customer’s needs in the timeframe required, we stepped in and expanded our manufacturing range for this market.

We started by generating designs and drawings based on the original manufacturer’s documentation. We then began construction methods per European standards. The crane control panel design included sequencing trolley motors, brakes, bridge and hoist motors. Measuring 30″ high x 48″ wide x 10″ deep and made of steel, this complex panel featured variable frequency drive (VFD) controlled motors, crane braking control and sequence, an external pendant control interface, ventilation louvers. All of these components had to be manufactured to customer and IEC standards, inspected, tested, and complete within 4 weeks.

Our venture into this new market proved successful both from the customer’s perspective and from STA-CON’s. It showed our flexibility, performance capabilities, and manufacturing range. We are always looking for new and innovative ways to put our expertise to use. Contact us for more information.

Quality Crane Control Panel Development Project Highlights

Crane Control Panel Development Project

This Control Panel is Designed to control a 15 ton overhead crane including sequencing trolley motors, brakes, bridge and hoist motors.

Capabilities Applied/Processes

Design Engineering/ Product Development

Overall Part Dimensions

Height: 30″
Width: 48″
Depth: 10″

Material Used


Material Finish

Powder Coated ANSI Gray

In process testing/inspection performed

The panel was tested at site voltage and all field devices and operations were simulated prior to shipment.


Generated designs and drawings per original manufacturer’s documentation.

Product selections and construction methods per European standards.

Voltage: 480 VAC
Phase: 3 PH
Wires: 4 W
M1 Lift Motor: 2,5/10KW
2M1 Trolley Motor 1: 0,55KW
2M2 Trolley Motor 2: 0,55KW
3M1 Bridge Motor 1: 0,75KW
3M2 Bridge Motor 2: 0,75KW
3M3 Bridge Motor 3: 0,75KW
3M4 Bridge Motor 4: 0,75KW

Variable frequency drive controlled motors.
Crane braking control and sequence.
External pendant control interface.
Ventilation Louvers
Wall Mount

Industry for Use

Industrial Solutions – Machine Control Industry

Delivery/Turnaround Time

4 weeks

Delivery Location


Standards Met
  • Customer Specifications
    Customer Parts List
    Customer Designs
  • CE and IEC Style Construction
    2D CAD Drawing
Why did you choose this project to show case?

This was an emergency job that shows our flexibility (built to designs by others), our ability to perform (came to us because the crane builder could not respond in time) and our manufacturing range ( built IEC style for different market)

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